Yep looking for a blues bassist that:

  1. Is Awesome
  2. Is Not a Prima Donna with an ego the size of a planet – that’s my job (Jackie)
  3. Drives
  4. Is not in 400 other bands  (within reason)
  5. Misbehaves ‘discretely’ 🙂
  6. Doesn’t insist on 500 rehearsals a week
  7. Drinks reasonably and does not run up huge bar tabs that can’t be settled on the night 🙂 – If you can play better drunk however, we can discuss it 🙂

Would be cool if y’all have an element of the rock n roll about you – we also like to party, just not in the middle of a gig or at the expense of gigs ie please turn up 🙂

We have other combos that we play in occasionally  so of course you can play in others… but it makes things difficult if we are constantly unavailable due to other gigs 🙂 (Remedy, The Super Things, Funday Club, Wolowitz, The Fabulous)

We are looking at playing more the festival and event circuit than pub gigs every Saturday. Musicianship is more important than personality so if you ARE a total nightmare or boring as hell, you better make up for it with your playing 🙂

The Management